Reserved for Kim S.

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- *3-6y long sleeve GWM tunic/shirt length in Fantasia bodice/long sleeves/outside hood with solid skirt/cuffs/inside hood up to us
- *3-6y grow along pants in Fantasia with solid up to us
- 3-6y long sleeve GWM sugar pea tunic in tartan plaid with added cowl. Black solid cowl/cuffs/skirts (or black faux glitter if enough)
- dog Bandana bib (size TBD) in tartan plaid 
- **3-6y long sleeve grow fonder shirt length (to be backed to look like the falling for you ruffle shirt) in marie on blue front top/sleeves with solids up to us
- **3-6y grow along pants in marie on blue with solid up to us

*$10 set discount (Fantasia)
**$10 set discount (Marie on Blue)

To receive September sale discount when ordering dog sweater