Reserved for Janine FL. (R30 PREORDER)

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• 7y Shelby dress in purple/orange floral embroidery with coordinating purple solid lining
• 7y isla drop waist tunic short sleeve/no flutters in embroidery butterflies with coordinating pink lining
• 7y collage sweater in blue glitter/MLP with either pink/purple/blue solid waistband/cuffs/neckband
• 7/8y curved hem tee in octonauts swirl
• 8/9y curved hem tee poke on navy
• 8/9y curved hem tee minecraft on grey
• Plus 1X Favourite tee embroidered holiday trees
**extended September specials. 25% off
**shelby and collage sweater to be made in cotton spandex
**all other items to be made with bamboo spandex (minus lining of isla in cotton spandex)